Reviews take place in:

  • First – mid February (weather permitting) with follow updates one month later

  • Every other month last being in October

  • Dates will be displayed on the members notice board

                                                                        Total 5 Reviews

The reasons why the committee undertake this exercise is to:-

  • To ensure plot holders follow Rules & Conditions:

Section 6 states - Payment of rent and membership subscription for any year shall be deemed to be acceptance of these Rules and Tenancy Agreement of the Association. 

In particular members are required:

  • to use the allotment for cultivation of fruit, vegetables and/or flowers, keep it free from weeds and maintain pathways – safe and tidy

  • To ensure plot holders keep to terms of Tenancy Agreement -                                               Section 3(a) specifies that – “The Tenant shall keep the allotment garden clean. Free from weeds and in a good state of cultivation and fertility and shall keep the pathway reasonably free from weeds.”

  • Ensure that weeds and seeds from an unkempt plot do not affect neighbouring plots.

  • Ensure that paths are well-maintained and to safe standard.

  • To manage and ensure the future of the site for the enjoyment of all the members.

  • To manage our waiting list

Also it is fundamental that the site is maintained to a good cultivated state to ensure it’s retention as a valuable community asset and in order to secure the extension of the lease from the council, which is coming up for renewal in the next few years. 

To help us monitor the site we have introduced a Level System, which is as follows:

Monitoring – when plot caused some concern, poor path maintenance or plot needs to be monitored due to some deterioration.  Email/letter will be sent to inform plot holder

Letter 1 – allotment is in a poor state – committee will monitor and guide

Letter 2 - not up to usual/required standard – weed growth that is beginning to impact on others; paths in poor state; enquiry letter to be sent to see if there is a reason and offering support

Letter 3 – Notice given of termination of Lease.

All letters will give a time specification for improvement so that the plot holder is able to meet the site standard as specified in Members Tenancy Agreement and Rules.

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