Reference to the burning of fires on the site appear in the Rules & Conditions and the Tenancy Agreement as follows:

Tenancy Agreement

3k). Bonfires - we do not allow bonfires between 31 March and 1 November.  They must not be left unattended and the burning of plastics, foam or rubber is forbidden.  Bonfires must not cause a nuisance to adjoining plot holders or to adjacent householders.  Should the Association be sued for causing a nuisance then the association will respond by suing the member responsible for lighting the bonfire.

Rules & Conditions

6:4  In particular members are required - not to cause a nuisance with bonfire smoke

There is also reference in the Starter Pack.  The same information can be found on the Elmbridge website and the Association website –

Miscellaneous Information (provided in all Starter Packs)

Bonfires - we do not allow bonfires between 31 March and 1 November.

All members need to be aware that while we are permitted to have fires from October to April we need to follow the guidelines, which are:

Do not burn green material

Only burn dry material

Do not burn when it is raining

Burn on a calm day when there is little wind

If the fire starts to smoke take material off

Be aware of your neighbours and surrounding houses.

No fires are permitted on site between

31 March and 1 Nov inc.