1. Payment

Please remember that payment of rent and subscription for any year is deemed as acceptance of the Rules & Conditions and the Tenancy Agreement.

2. Costs

All keys are the property of the Association All keys will be charged at £3 per key.  This sum is repaid when a plot holder leaves and returns the key(s).  Any replacement key will be charged at £5 thereafter. There will be no refund to Terminations. 

Deposit of £25 – the Association will take a deposit of £25.00, which is returnable when a plot holder leaves. Deposit is retained if plot is found uncultivated and has not been maintained to an acceptable standard.

This is for the purpose of clearing the plot ready for re-letting.’

3.    Speed Limit
There is a 5mph speed limit on feed road and the site.  Plot holders must keep to this speed on all access roads. The AGM 2010 have instructed the committee to put a Rule Amendment in to Rules & Conditions.  Failure to consistently observe the speed limit will culminate in termination of lease.     This is to ensure that car park and access road are maintained in a reasonable state.                                    
It is also for the safety of plot holders, children and those who might have hearing or sight difficulties.

4. Bonfires

We do not allow bonfires between 31 March and 1 November

5. Improper Conduct
See Section 5 of Rules & Conditions.  
The AGM 2009 added 5(i) – ‘Should any member be guilty of improper conduct a written warning will be issued.  Should the member offend again his/her lease will be terminated with immediate effect.’  

6. Cultivation
AGM 2010 agreed that Guidance re cultivation should be – plots need to be fully cultivated with any grass paths over plots being no more that ½ m wide.   Plot holders are responsible for all perimeter paths and must keep them in good order.
7. Health & Safety
AGM 2010 decided that all equipment must be put away and not be left on roads or paths when not in use.  The Committee have been instructed to agree the wording for a Rule Amendment. TA 3c

8. Children
Children must stay with their parents on the plot.  They must not be allowed to run around the site.  It must be remembered that the site is for allotment gardening and cannot be used as a playground.
There are many dangers on the site and the Association cannot be held responsible for injury to children.

9. Water
We recommend that plot holders place water buts/containers on their plot.  These are essential in periods of drought and hot weather.  We also recommend that produce be washed on plots and not in communal tanks as this causes build up of silt in the tanks.

10. Structures

All structures on a plot will be placed no less that 1 ft from any path or road way. They must be maintained in a safe condition at all times. Only Greenhouses and sheds, or plastic tunnels of size 6ftx4ft will be allowed to be erected on plots. The use of large plastic tunnels is not allowed under any circumstances. 

11. Guidance for BBQs on plots

BBQs are allowed throughout the year.  However, to ensure that we are all able to enjoy time on our plots safely and peacefully and to maintain a good relationship with the allotment’s neighbours, a number of conditions have been put in place:

Not to cause a nuisance to other plot holders or neighbours

To be limited to plot holders and family

No music or entertainment permitted

Misuse of these conditions could lead to tenancies being ended