By contacting the Beauchamp Road & Green Lane Allotment Association I agree to the following:

We store the following data about you: 


Data: Purpose

Name: Identification

Address: To deliver important documents such as AGM notifications, membership renewals, etc.

E-mail address: To contact you about any matter relating to the Allotment or its activities.

Telephone number: Unlikely to use this unless we need to contact you in a hurry

The Association may hold name, address, e-mail & telephone details but shall not share this data with other organisations without prior agreement from you.  The Enquirer/Tenant further agrees that the Association may contact them about any allotment related matter using e-mail, letter, telephone or other media.

I agree that if I become a plot holder, personal information (name & address) may be shared with the insurers of the association, the National Allotment Society for the purposes of membership & insurance only and the East Molesey Garden Society. Data will be deleted up to 2 years after termination of tenancy or no longer requiring an allotment.